Electronic Cigarettes


Question Period Senator Jane Cordy May 13th, 2014

Hon. Jane Cordy: I know that you said that Health Canada has not approved any of these devices for sale, but the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada argues that the e-cigarette industry has operated in what they're calling a Wild West environment. In other words, you haven't approved any of these devices for sale, but there's no regulatory system set up, so that sales are going on even though they're not approved for sale. Unfortunately — or fortunately, however you may look at it — these sales are going on still.

Those of you who have heard me speak at any time about cigarette smoking or smoking in general know my feelings on that very clearly. I spoke in favour of the bill that you brought in on flavoured tobacco, because I think that flavoured tobacco encourages young people to smoke. I fear that e-cigarettes will do the same thing; they will encourage young people to smoke.

What is your government doing in terms of the whole idea of e-cigarettes? I know that e-cigarettes have been around since 2004. I know that in the U.K. there has been a three-year process of internal assessments, public consultations and meetings with stakeholders to determine what they are going to be doing in terms of e-cigarettes.

What has this government been doing in the last 10 years to determine whether or not they should be banned, or whether or not regulations should be put in place for the sale of e-cigarettes?

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