Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation


Question Period Senator Jane Cordy May 27th, 2014

Hon. Jane Cordy: Honourable senators, the investigation by the federal Integrity Commissioner, Mario Dion, has found that Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, ECBC, CEO John Lynn committed a serious breach of the code of conduct when he hired Rob MacLean, Allan Murphy, Ken Langley and Nancy Baker, all four with strong ties to the Conservative Party. Two are defeated Conservative candidates, and they were hired without following ECBC's competitive hiring policies. Essentially, they were given the jobs without any interviews.

The commissioner's findings were clear. The hiring of the four was, to quote the commissioner, "unfair" and "improper" patronage appointments. Mr. Lynn blatantly ignored ECBC's hiring policy to appoint his friends in plumb federal jobs.

Were these patronage appointments made with the approval of the Prime Minister's Office, and will this government revoke the four ECBC hires that the Integrity Commissioner has deemed, in his words, to be "improper"?

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