Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls


Question Period Senator Jane Cordy February 26th, 2014

Hon. Jane Cordy: As Senator Dyck said earlier, I'm very pleased that the case of Loretta Saunders is in the national newspapers and that it's on national television. Hopefully, all of this publicity will result in a good outcome and that we will find Loretta Saunders. But this is just one of thousands of cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

About a year ago, I had the privilege - and it was a privilege - of meeting with Shannon Buck at Thunderbird House in Winnipeg. Her daughter was one of the missing Aboriginal women.

You said that each Canadian citizen is equal, but it seems that some are more equal than others. It also seems that the Aboriginal women are less equal than other Canadian citizens, because, as Senator Jaffer said, if it was any other group, there would have been an investigation a long time ago.

Why is this great concern of the missing and murdered Aboriginal women not being taken seriously by this government, and why is it being put at the bottom of the government's list of priorities?

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