Treatment of Veterans


Question Period Senator Jane Cordy January 29th, 2014

Hon. Jane Cordy: Veterans, one from each community across Canada affected by the closure of their local Veterans Affairs office, traveled to Ottawa this week for a scheduled meeting with Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino to express their concerns about the closures. The meeting with the minister was set for 5 p.m. yesterday. The veterans went to the scheduled meeting and waited, and waited and waited. The minister did not show up. The veterans were told that the minister was busy and couldn't meet with them as he had been called away on business.

Please tell me what, what could have been more important for the Veterans Affairs Minister than to meet with veterans from across Canada? Those veterans had traveled from across the country to meet with the minister, but Mr. Fantino couldn't be bothered to walk down the hall to show up and meet with them, and instead he sent three MPs in his place.

Is this how the Government of Canada believes our veterans should be treated?

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